7 Practical Types of Behind The Scenes Photos To Share

At Work

You spend almost every day of the week working, that could include any number of things really, but you are busy keeping things going. You may not believe it is all the exciting, or maybe you do, but other people will appreciate seeing you at work. By other people I mean customers. Photos of you and your team at work show that you are on a path of forward momentum, that you are keeping things running and that your customers will have you to buy from or work with in the future. It is fun to see behind the scenes, it helps to increase transparency and trust between you and your customers. 


With behind the scenes in mind, it is worth considering getting in some photos of the process. If you make a product, consider including photographs of the manufacturing process. This is where you go beyond the “before and after” and get what is in between. This can really support building upon trust and transparency with your customers. Seeing the process, or even a portion of it, helps elevate the value that you are providing to your customers and clients as they can see the time and effort that went into making the end result. 

Unfinished Product

You might not be finished, but if you are willing to give a glimpse of a new product to your customers you will not only benefit from the same results as in showing the process but also you can gather interest as they await the final result. You can certainly hold off on actually sharing the photos until the product is finished, but have them available to get people interested as you systematically release the images. If you do not have them, you cannot really build upon anticipation of customers. 


If you have a business where you experiment, on any level, this could be a great way to garner interest and anticipation. Like the above types of photographs, you are building upon an idea of trust and a level of transparency with your customers. You could also simply share a photograph of some of the tools or machines that you use in developing new products. Experiments imply new products and new products get people excited. Experiments can also imply innovation, something a lot of customers will be interested in if you are the type of business that tries to innovate. 

Whole Team

There are many people behind your business. You might have a few people or hundreds of people all doing different things to further improve and grow your business. If you can get photographs of these various different teams, groups, or departments they could help showcase the wide variety of talents that are brought together to make your business as strong as it is. Each individual plays a vital role, uniting together. If a customer can see the real team behind your business, the people they talk to through customer support or the executives and everyone in between, they are better able to trust you and want to be your customer and actually spend money on what you are offering.

Workspace, Factory, or Warehouse

Your business might be out of a large factory or warehouse, or a small office in a business park somewhere. Wherever it is, it is a big part of your business. People want to see what kind of work environment their product or service is coming out of. They will probably never come to visit you but this way they can see that you value how your workspace looks and that you create an environment  that is comfortable and practical for your employees. People also find factories and machines really fascinating.


Equipment & Tools

Seeing how a product is made can add a great deal of value to a product from a customer’s perspective. Equipment, tools, and machinery often captivate the imagination as you often imagine how someone came up with ideas behind their purpose and how specialized they are. You might be using highly specialized state of the art new equipment, which could draw people to your business as they know they will get the best and only available of your product or service. You might also be a business that has gone in the other direction, utilizing old equipment for it’s original purpose or even a novel new one that you have capitalized on. Your business might be emphasizing the hands on approach that you use to create authentic products and services or fully automated computer programmed. Either way, or even in-between, showing the equipment that you use can add to the value you are bringing to your customer. 

In Conclusion

By showing photographs that give customers a behind the scenes look at your work, process, experiments, team, workspace, and the equipment and tools that you use, you are helping to increase desirable transparency and trust with your customers. All of this adding up to an increased sense of value that you bring to your customer, giving them more reason to buy whatever you are selling.